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I have been reading these EEC posts and i have noticed that everyone has been talking only about water. Stans "Air gas processor" was basically an EEC for Air. The electrical particle generator was filled with a "magnetic gas" which was iron atoms and argon sent through an EEC resulting in iron and argon Ions that would link up together because they where missing electrons. So all i am asking is has anyone tried an EEC with anything but water? Another thing to remember is that atoms will regain balance (regain missing electrons) through light so any EEC needs to be completely sealed with no light penetration. As far as i knew the set up is a resonant cavity hooked up to the "VIC" and a wire hooked to the positive plate with an led on the end with a 10 volt power supplied to the led. The electrons will be attracted to the positive plate because they have a net negative charge. While the resonant cavity is pulsed off, 10 volts is pulsed on to the LED. The electrons will flow down that wire toward the positive source and get burned up in the form of light in the LED. The pulse ends and the 10 Volts to the LED is turned off, the VIC is pulsed on and the resonant cavity starts stripping atoms of their electrons again, starting the process over again. Stan found that injecting Laser Light energy would further assist in this process. All the EEC is is an added circuit to the VIC

Yea, you've got a lot of stuff figured out there.

The EEC is not powering the LED's though, the LED's pulsed in sync with the high voltage, and not in sync with the EEC.

As shown in this picture.

yeah i havent spent alot of time studying the EEC any way. I built a working "Rotary Pulse Voltage Frequency Generator" but havent had alot of time to keep going!

Sounds good, I just got my "Rotary Pulse Voltage Frequency Generator" and cell working a few days ago.

Have you used a rewound alternator for high voltage? I haven't tried that, but it's one of my next modifications to be done.

nope just plain jane. Heres the video:
and this is a video of the flame from the gasses produced by my WFC:


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