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--- Quote from: Donaldwfc on August 15, 2009, 21:42:14 pm ---What kind of results are you getting with this thing? anything interesting? :D

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well well well,

this cell produced 15psi in its one liter cavity running at 12 volts 15 amps.

that turns out to be one liter of hho per minute.

I find it interesting that my post about this info and showing the truth about stan's real production got deleted from Donald's thread

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I was wondering where that post went, Yes, Those are facts not something we made up. Those that refuse to believe the facts will delete such post,,, But as you and I both know the science behind it speaks for itself.

As I remember, I pointed this out to you and had you check it to confirm, And both of use confirmed it,, It is just not possible to have 7 liters of gas in a 1 liter cavity when that cavity contains 7 PSI. Its NOT POSSIBLE. With 7 Psi in a 1 liter cavity, thats about .5 of a liter. Also, I did spend a great deal of money constructing such a cell just so I could test the cavity in the patent, as well as time.

yes, as i had mentioned on Donald's thread , I also was under the impression that Stan was in did generating lots of gas, then you pointed it out to me that he was not. and you asked me verify your volume test. I then verified your findings. I then re-confirmed the results again using this 8 tube cell.

you should take a moment to place voltage across your cell, Its highly related to tesla. You should get dynoden to send you the stuff i sent him and do something with it.

This way, My findings will not be sitting there collecting dust. Contact him and have him pass the setup to you as he already mentioned he didn't have time to do anything with it now. (You could send it back to him later.)

If the shipping is a problem, I'll gladly pay it your way! Just, Go get it and test it.   

if you do not mind, Please have him send this to you, and test it for me using your current 8 cell with tap water.

There is also another error in the independent evaluation report.  The atomic weight of oxygen is not correct as it only accounts for protons not the neutrons.  I don't quite understand why Meyer did that.  I think it's also in the TB as well with the calculations comparing the efficiency of Meyer's method using voltage and Faraday method using amps and other calculations involving gasoline et al.

Interesting to me that Tesla describes electrostatic forces but defines it as not the same as classic electrostatics.  They may have been doing the same thing.



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