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These guys don't give Paul Pantone any credit:

The PICC, Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter

Here is the latest deal they say they are working out with Ford:

September 28, 2009

Dear, ***********,

Hello from Dutchman Enterprises. We appreciate your having taken the time at some time in the past to request a quote for a PICC for one or more vehicles(s). We were concerned about EPA issues with the technology originally, but we have re-designed around those considerations and we are no longer concerned about our special catalytic converter qualifying with the EPA. With gas prices rising as they have, other large interests have been looking for solutions to some of their problems and we have discovered a common interest in helping the American car manufacturers get back to doing what they do best… make the kind of vehicles Americans want. The door has opened for us to better serve the American consumers.  We have some extremely important news. Ford and Dutchman have been talking and Ford finally gave permission for Dutchman to tell the public what is going on. This last weekend, a Ford executive spent several hours speaking to the dealers involved in distributing the Dutchman Enterprises automotive technologies at their annual dealers convention. Dutchman Enterprises can now announce that the initial meeting with representatives of Ford Motor Company went very well and both parties are excited about testing the HAFC and PICC and for the potential of improving fuel economy for American automobiles. The initial reaction of the Ford team involved was excitement and enthusiasm over the potential of both the HAFC and the PICC. Discussions have begun about both companies partnering together to further develop these technologies.

Dutchman Enterprises received a letter from the engineer that is heading up the Ford team to test the HAFC. In that letter from Corporate Headquarters in Dearborn Michigan, the leading engineer wrote, “the (HAFC) concept makes good sense.” There have been critics at large who have challenged the idea of water gas and called it a scam technology, but one has to consider the fact that no one knows more about automobiles and what makes sense relating to them than the engineers who design and build them. This same engineer, in the same letter, wrote, “We are also excited about the potential of the PICC technology.” Ford is discussing getting involved because these technologies make sense. Their testing is supposed to be over on or around October 1st, and the executive that addressed the dealers gave everyone the impression it was going well. They have even asked for more units and that is a good sign.

Mr. Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford Motor Company, was interviewed on CNBC on the 12th of September, and he told the reporter that there are some interesting things happening in the alternative fuels area. He said, “Hydrogen technologies, involving water, offer some incredible opportunities to do something with the engines we already have.” That is not a statement about regular Hydrogen Fuel Cells, which do not operate with current engines.  It is reasonable to assume he is talking about water gas injection and the Hydro-Assist Fuel Cells, which his people are currently testing.

Of course, Dutchman Enterprises is excited about the prospects of partnering with Ford Motor Company and their thousands of Ford dealers all across the USA and throughout the world. Not to mention the engineering and research prospects for developing the PICC to it’s full potential. It is not hard to see why Ford would want to be able to get 50% (or even 30%) better mileage out of their existing SUVs and Pickup trucks. It could save the US auto industry to be able to develop the PICC within a year or so to be able to get 100 miles per gallon or better (city and highway) with future SUVs and Pickups. Both of these technologies have world wide patent protection owned by Dutchman Enterprises.

What does this mean to you? It is time to seriously consider getting your HAFC kit on order NOW. The Ford executive mentioned that he thought our prices were too low and that they should be double what we are currently charging. I guess he is right, because we were charging the same price we currently charge for the kit when gas prices were half what they are now. When Ford comes in that will most likely change. The demand will also go through the roof! Just to modify the Ford vehicles will involve 60 million cars. A word to the wise, get your HAFC on order. The PICC will most likely not be on the market for another year or so. Ford will want to develop it with new car designs in mind, while Dutchman Enterprises will absolutely insist on an after market version as well, but that will delay it for well over a year down the road. In the meantime, can there be any doubt now that the concept of the HAFC is sound and can improve fuel economy? You have the benefit of being able to get a little ahead of the curve while the price is half what it will be and while there is not a waiting list as long as the gas lines in the 70s.

As, we are sure, you have already discovered, we have assigned a customer service representative, who works for one of our dealers, to you. If you have any questions about this message, please contact Manager, your customer service representative, using this email address, Let our representative do his or her best to answer all your questions and get your HAFC kit in process. One report we recently read made the point that by merely increasing the mileage of vehicles in America by a mere 30% we could eliminate our need for ANY of the middle Eastern oil! Can you imagine what we can do for America and American car manufacturers just by installing the HAFC kits now? When Ford joins us, we will be able to put a LOT of people back to work and stop this fossil fuels insanity. With their help, our PICC will be all that it can be, and all American car manufacturers can get us all the cars and pickup trucks we want with no concern for fuel costs or pollution. This is the answer we are all looking for. Thank you for your support in this effort.

If you have any questions about this announcment, please contact your customer service representative who is Manager using the his email address,

Dedicated to a safe, environmentally sound, and prosperous America,

Dennis Lee

(CEO-Dutchman Enterprises, LLC)

P.S. Please do not respond to this email address because we do not monitor it for incoming email. If you need to contact someone, please contact your customer service rep and/or dealer.


Thanks for sharing this information.

of course this technology works.....there are so many replications......seriously this is the one thing that has no tricks and can be replicated...sad thing is is that all the replications are over in europe and near nothing here do to the supression of paul pantone himself........but those free geet plans that are everywhere are the internet won't run a car......there are 2 things wrong with those plans......1. it  sucks in the exhaust vapors through the bubbler cuasing the fuel to be pre heated.......A NO NO .......2. the reaction chamber is perfectly flat......won't work on the road due to bumps and turns.

NOW i know what the correct ways are to be made.....and the system is not meant to be pushed but to be pulled naturally......i just don't have welding equipment and the pure materials to just get up and make one for my car......but there is a very interesting thing here which needs to be taken into consideration. NOW IF YOU KNOW HOW THE PROCESSOR WORKS IT ONLY TAKES GASOLINE TO GET IT STARTED AND THE REACTION ROD WARMED UP......ONCE THE REACTION CHAMBER IS WARMED UP WHICH IS ABOUT NORMAL ENGINE TEMPERATURE THEN IT CAN USE ANY ALTERNATIVE FUEL SOURCE.



these are for the free plans......these won't run a car......please look further into what you are copy and pasting.....i have the entire pdf on all of these plans.


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