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most of you have heard about paul pantones geet fuel processor....well i think we should make a section for this...the best fuel in ocnjunction with his geet device is water...but it can take any thing that can be what i find interesting is that it only needs enough gas to kick the engine over and then it can run on any fuel (soda, sugar, windex ,urine) once its running...he got a geo metro to do 120 miles per gallon of what im thinking is what if we use the water fuel cell we already have to put enough gas into the engine to start it up...then wit hthat started the geet fuel processor starts and now you run your car without any gas up to 100 miles per gallon off whatever is in the fuel processor + how ever many miles your fuel celll can help you with.....i honestly think this would be my ultimate goal....

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you haven't heard of the geet processor youtube, google, or just research it....i have the paper work on how to step by step replicate it.....many people have replicated this in europe where they taught it in colleges....



It was my understanding that you had to mix a fuel with the water? 
Alcohol, I thought.
but I've seen them on youtube before, 
I thought about building the lawn mower just for fun.
I didn't know you could do a car that way, Pretty cool.


what you do is taek a jar and fill it with anything that can be one video on youtube they take a pepsi packs of sugar and water...put it into the jar which is just like a bubbler.....get the engine to kick over with a tiny amount of gas then once the engine is running the valve to the bubbler is opened and the intake is pushed against the exhaust causing a vaccum and plasma to form in the plasma weird shit happens....basically your car emits 90 percent less emission and some how turns things like carbon into one knows why but m.i.t. stole his technology and the state put him in a mental hospitol after prison....he was approached by a group of men telling him to be quite or sit on it and he said no....pantone is still in the mental hospital.....this technology needs to be recreated and worked in conjunction with the water fuel cell.....

Here are some various GEET plans compiled over at Panacea:


oh yeah an original.....before he was put in prison/mental hospital for not complying.


quite heavy solid weld all the way around completely close shut...perfect rattles or anything when im not sure if this is the reaction chamber inside but i think it is.


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