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Dear Fellow Members,

I'm a Joe Cell person and would like to make contact with some other Joe Cell folks that have their cells up and running on cars.  I have my cells running but am not sure how I want to install them into the car yet.  They are running cold finally after getting the polarity right and the proper spacers.

I am also very interested in the Stan Meyers cell also, but I only want to work on one project at a time so that I can devote all my energy to one cell and get something up and running as soon as possible.  I do understand that some secret information on the Stanley Meyers cell was recently leaked to the internet.  According to my source, he had almost figured out the Stanley Meyers cell and all his information became know to the internet somehow.  He said that I could find that information on IonizationX or Water4Fuel, but I didn't know exactly what to look for, so I was unable to locate it.   If anyone knows anything about this new information and where I may find it, I'd appreciate the information.

dear fiditti,

I have just purchased a joe cell from joecellenergy.com, I am looking to get it running as soon as it gets here, how did you get your cell running.  also have you got your car to run on this energy alone? 


 I read a post once that you can’t have people around your Joe cell with negative thoughts. Negative energy effects the cell and it won’t produce. Is this true?

Dear karebill,

I haven't found this to be true.  My cell was making me very sick initially and I couldn't understand why.  One of my contacts in OZ finally explained to me that my polarity was off on my cell.  He said I needed to take it apart and test each tube for polarity by dowsing it for a north and south pole.  Once I dowsed my tubes, I determined that three out of seven of my tubes was aimed the wrong direction.  When I corrected the polarity and started using the right spacer material, (i.e.: pine dowels), my cell started running cold and it no longer made me sick.

wow, this is great information, thank you, i am sure I will ask your advice once the cell gets here.  I am not sure what spacers they use, I believe they are rubber spacers, the cells are welded shut and come with directions.  there have only been a couple of people that have had success with the kit at least that have talked about it.  also what do you mean by dowsed, and also, the tubes that are neutral are the ones that you charge magnetically?

thanks again


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