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resonance charging chokes

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from what i understand the cell can be considered the "transmission line" ... or basically the item to receive the voltage, same as an antenna in a way.

That patent also shows a capacitor in parallel with a resistor, which is the same thing the cell is when you look at the vic matrix circuit

what as that website you mentioned?


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Well, the balun is for matching impedance differences.
Its used in HF techniques for matching antenna's. That way you get an optimum in power transfer between transmitter and antenna.
If you do not match the 2 components, no power will be transmitted into the air and yr powertransistor will heat up, because it cannot deliver his power.

The resonance charging chokes are mostly for powersupplys. With a resonance charging choke, you can use a smaller transformer.
The chargin choke and diode, are setup in a way that it will deliver max twice the voltage as the powersupply can deliver.
Have a look at the this website.
Richie is very clear in his explanation. But there are others on the web also explaning the same fenomenon.


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Using a Balun as a resonant charging choke?
Not HF air wound but on a (iron) core more windings and lower resonance frequency?
Not impedance matching for antenna but a WFC!


one thing the wfc has in common with antennas, waveguides, resonant cavities, and transmission lines is they all operate on voltage/electric field without transmitting raw current, more to learn


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