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Stanley used led`s in the airgas-prosessor, but did he use them direct in the tube cells?.. i have read he had them optional in the patents but i am not sure...

I have tryed UV LED`s in a plate cell with no increase in splitting, but i will try IR LED`s insted.

Have anyone tested with infra red diodes in the 935-940nm range?...

Have attached an pdf. with a very cheap Ir led

don't discount the LEDs as not-working until the whole package comes together, you need high voltage, and pulsing, and the electron extraction circuit, what good is it if you bump the electrons off the water but leave them in the water bath? they just join up again, you need to remove them to make each atom into a positive ion, then all the positive ions will constantly repel each other, and not join up.




Plasma ignition set for your HHO powered engine?



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