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--- Quote from: warj1990 on February 13, 2009, 18:42:29 pm ---Thanks for the tips.  I will keep them in mind.  This project is related to the core  in the New VIC Picture discussion section.
So some of the tips are more related to a different design.
So the ferromagnetic core is being overlooked at present.  I have some 1000 watt fero. Cores – but they are not even close to the size in the above discussion section.

I am sorry you guys know my IQ is low, it seems like every 6 months I get to restart all my projects.
I do have 5 boxes of junk – um not working projects.
I am sure you know my persistence in this matter, as all of us have, and my usual “that failed” build it differently approach.
I have lots to learn in the RF area, actually in many areas.

Appreciate all input


--- End quote ---

Lol my IQ is probably low as well , I am such a smoker  .

Its a shame you didnt listen to me earlier , that 100KV transformer must have been expensive ...

E-bay is not selling delrin above 2 inch diameter at the moment so that is out.

The math, I am sure you are referring to some excel sheets, is my stronger point.

Basically if I can see the formula all the inputs can be applied in an excel sheet to get a result – No one has seen my complete collection of excel sheets, ranging from atomic btu in fusion of H2, water flow rates/consumption, to xxxx.
Just about any formula related to the water project, that has variables, has an excel sheet associated with it.
(since that is my strong point, I am also open to suggestions from people on building some for them)
We all have strong points and weak points – that is why this becomes team work.

I did purchase a 100kv Tesla coil – that runs off house hold AC – but the above post was in reference to the photo below.



--- Quote from: Dankie on February 12, 2009, 00:04:48 am ---Nah dude, just dont give yourself that trouble ...

Core needs to be for high frequency use , that core wont do ...

What do you consider high frequency use?  Stan mentions 0 to 10kHz even with that doubled the Frequency is in the 1-kHz to 20kHz range thats not that high IMHO.
Anyway here are the Cores I'm starting with  the E305-2
Also if anyone in the Tampa area need access to a Lathe I might be able to hook you up.
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