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 ;D MY New Bob Boyce Circuit  ;D

It's a challenge for me, Especially the 9 micro caps on the back. But it's been educational as well. I've improve my soldering ability.  And, I am getting a better knowledge of how things work.

At this point. I've got the circuit about built  (minus 1 cap) on the first frequency. I ordered everything for the coil, should be next week.

Here are some pics, and a video


Nice Spike!
I like to read about your results soon! ;)


Nice looking board!  Where is the doughnut?      ;)

Looks like your doing good work. Those tiny little capacitors next to the quarter are SMT Capacitors. SMT stands for Surface Mount Technology for those that don't know. In most cases where I can when I do SMT work I place those components on the board first because they are really hard to mount using a soldering iron. You have to be very careful or you will crack the component with too much heat. It's a good idea to inspect each one using a jewelers loop to see if any cracks are evident.  This could prevent a problem with the board later on when you're all set to try it out.

If anyone is interested I can post a great way to do these SMT components with little or no problems.

Dr Not

Always looking for a better way to do things. How I installed them was with a weller battery powered gun. I would set one dab of solder, Then place the cap near by. Heat the solder back up, And as soon as it would liquefy. I moved the cap into the solders edge. when I could see it bound, I removed the heat. Leaving my knife blade on the cap for a few seconds longer to absorb heat. Then remove the blade. I looked at them with a regular magnifier and checked with a meter after i was done.  But time will tell



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