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Self Running, Self Dependent Tube cell.

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I will be posting a fuel cell that runs itself with Normal Un-Altered Tap water. This Voltage across the cell is in the microvolt range when first emerged into a water bath. This Fuel cell Further aids hydrogen/oxygen Production. When you Construct this very simple Tube cell it starts its own electrolysis process as soon as it enters into a water bath. It's a very small visible production, But it is also a very new finding in this research.

Anyone that has existing tube cells can quickly modify their cells in a matter of seconds.

I guarantee you this post in a few hours, I guarantee my post to be true.


Brian, you are feeding energy from your tesla coil setup thru the one wire system into the cell.....
At least, thats what i think is going.
It is interesting to see that the floating aluminium can act a a source of electrons...

was producing bubbles long before I ever connected anything to the cell. IT seems to extract electrons.
Are you sure that ring is aluminum? I am unsure.

You dont need any terminals to see the bubbles, the ring makes electricity somehow.


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