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A new project I hope will be fun with a few :)


(project goals subject to
 update at any time. )
Apply a corona field that resonates with the OH bonds of the cold vapor phase of the water molecules.

To learn about the science of water and

members and newguys to contribute experimental knowledge to the project.
Remain an open source base for the knowledge obtained through the project.
Have Fun and keep it clean as possible .

Well Ill start a project with it and post research as I go.
Feel Free
To jump in at any time.

Everyone welcome ,maybe some fresh comments will kick off a refresh with something different  :)
We use to do projects in real time in the beginning.

I hope someone else will find these research links useful and post where they take you the most interesting.
Dielectric Heating has took me here pretty fast :)

Induction lighting...just discovered itsa thing now :)
Anyone here have some of those to tinker with?

heating up liquid, ie water to plasma  I have already done it.


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