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Electrode comparison

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In this example the right electrode is at least twice as thick as the left.Both electrodes have negative 12v on them,the anode is hidden in the bottom of the container.
Im asking those who will watch it closely to the end because it takes a minute to accumulate some ions,to give me an opinion wich electrode seems to behave differently.
I understand its a really poor example being powered by a generic wall plug that put out 15 volts at half an amp with just enough baking soda to get a reaction lol yea it sucks but maybe someone else could give a more clear example.Id love to be able to see a full blown 22 amp 12 volt KOH
example with electrodes set up in the same fashion.

Also an example of simple participation or lack there of.
Alltho i was showing an example of Hermans magnetic storm from many years ago,no one has noticed ...i get that part,not everyone here is into Hermans research but the simple visual clearly shows the larger bubbles being attracted to the thinner electrode.
Why is it no one here cares enough to point out that 1 simple thing?
Over 1000 guests and not 1 dam person cares enough to observe and respond to such a simple question.
Happy Thanksgiving Dic*  heads !

i agree.
The participation of viewers is bad.
I ll guess many have given up...

it seems more mass has a bigger attraction?

Thanks for the great video and nice experiment!

Any free floating molecule would actually get attracted to  the nearest electrode by electronic polarization the electron cloud will be polarized and so the neutral molecule free to walk will go to the nearest or the electrode with higher electric potential!

an ion would only go towards the direction of the electric field..

i just saw the video and i like it a lot. i already did some experiments where the bubbles behaved like that and also some where noticeably the movement where more accelerated probably due to the molecules being in an ionized state..   

You have the anode on the bottom of the tank and those are two cathodes?



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