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--- Quote from: sebosfato on November 04, 2019, 22:34:18 pm ---What is the size of the core area? And window?

Im not sure but i think you would need a 6kva core to be able to sustain that output

The formula for the tuns is simple but the power is more complex... The first problem with high voltage is high turns makes high reactance so to have decent current output with a low voltage drop you need low inductance so lower turns higher core size

I use it like this for pulse on off

Volts/Area/bmax/frequency/2 = turns

Bmax is 1.2 for laminate steel some quality may be higher

--- End quote ---

Hi Fabio,

Sorry for my late reply, but i have a lot on my head at the moment.

The inside diameter available for the " electromagnet" is diam 6,5cm by 8cm deep, round.
The core parts i have are thin metal stripes which i use to make a square core.
It can be 1cm by 1cm by 8cm
It can be bigger....2cm by 8cm ;)
It will probably cooled by oil.

What do you think?


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