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soft x-ray generation and measurements

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Hi all,

It seems evident that the radiolysis proces is done with emf waves in the soft x ray band.
To get even started, i have to find a way to measure soft x rays and also a way to produce them.
It all must be done with some kind of safety measures, not to get over doses of other not healthy type of radiations.

Here a pdf i posted once. Its about on how to create soft x rays with ambient air and a sparkplug.
Its the best match i found sofar.

bro lets construct a xray tube

you need some lead plates to shield it....

i would build a copper box and solder 5 sides and leave one open for service inside... than i would add means to apply vaccum to it with a valve on one side...outside the box the lead foils will help hold the xray inside... at the top i would add a glass to be the output of the xrays
.. inside you need two connectors for the filament, for that we can use whatever heater filament, or even better if we could use a solid piece of iron and coat it with some barium oxides... than you need a high current connector to light it up red hot

for the target i would use tungsten piece... it must be big enough to allow for the dissipation....and it can be connected to the outside wall phiscally so it cool down with the copper walls

for fixing the glass into the copper you can use car grade silicon those used for sealing without paper

for the heat part it must be isolated with ceramics that can handle it..

i just thought of something

if we could have a double x ray tube we could use the heat generated at the target to emit electrons for a second target and so on.. such that the emission is what cools down the target... the main idea is to have two tungsten targets with heating elements inside.. and maybe a temperature sensor to limit the current for them ..

for that we need a high voltage transformer having one winding at its start and another on the end of the winding to serve as filament heating and a secondary therebetween to give high voltage to them....

the frequency can be controled and in this way the xray will be generated with twice the frequency...

if the target is to be used as electron source than would be important to keep the heat at it so inside the copper box there should be thermic insulation too

as you can see this would be the most efficient xray generation possible.. as it dont waste the heat that was not capable to be converted into xray for the next cycle...

i just found this:

Hi Fabio,

I am happy that you jump so enthousiastic in this  :)
I had the same type of ideas, but making it from scratch is a project on its own. Which is good of course, but will consume lots of time.
I was more thinking like buying one of these tubes
And then followe the instructables website instructions

You know, i can easy make a quartz tube thru the middle of the cell and lower in the quartztube one of these x ray tubes doing soft rays.
I think that Herman was experimenting with those 30 versions of his system to make a cheap version of this type of techno.

Another piece of brain food:

High voltage magnetrons emit a significant intensity of X-rays not only from the cathode sidearm but also from the output waveguide. These rays can constitute a health hazard unless adequate shielding for X-ray radiation is provided. This is a characteristic of all magnetrons and the X-rays emitted correspond to a voltage much higher than that of the anode.


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