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I have been slowly getting back up to speed on everything since I last been here.I have started to order items that I will need to get back to testing.I purchased two new scope probes that can measure up to 2kv,so I can now watch two channels with my scope.

I also replace the frequency counter on my frequency generator box,so it now works again.Helps with tuning to see the frequency.

My latest project has been building a coil winder that will use my CNC router I built last winter.I found a program called Gcoil that writes the G code needed for a cnc machine to wind coils.It's a free program that comes with the Gsuite set.

I have the winder made and is now ready for set up in my Mach3 software.I still need to make the holder and tensioner for the wire spool.
Then I will be ready to wind some new choke coils that can handle the voltage I will need to generate.Gcoil will precision wind the coils and even alllow you to add insulating layers between row of windings.Can't wait to test it out.

I will post a picture of my CNC Router and the coil winder jig.


Hi Don,

Nice to see that you are back on the project again!
Pretty winder btw  :)


Good to have you back! And it sounds like your going to be winding some pretty nice coils soon!

I spent the weekend getting the Gcoil program up and running with my CNC Router.I finally got it all working and figured out how to make it work right evey time.

I did some testing on winding a sample coil,and was able to get it to lay the wire down almost perfectly.It really makes a big differance on the width of the bobbin,If you are long or short on the size you enter in the program,it will make the ends curl up or down.So you have to be right on the nubers to get it perfect.I am now making a wire spool holder with a tensioner set up on it to handle a 5 pound spool of wire.I was going to make a small video today,but had company show up and ran out of time.After I get the spool holder assembled,I'll make a Youtube video and post the link here.

Then I need to cut out some new bobbins for winding up some new choke coils,and then I'll be ready to start testing again.I'll keep you all posted.

I uploaded a small video of my cnc winder,
Here's the link
Here's a picture of a finished choke coil


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