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Stanley Meyer Lab Visitors After 1998 (Revision 4)
« on: April 11, 2011, 15:20:39 pm »
Person                                        Date                    Location
Dean Narcisco                              June 2007              Basement visit    The Dispatch Visit
Ted Loder                                    January 2008          Basement visit    First Orion Visit

Dynodon & Steve Adams              Sept, 1, 2008     

Michel Foisy,Dynodon                   January 4 2009       Storage Unit

Dynodon,Ted Loder,
Bill Constantino and 4 others         June 13,2009            Storage Unit  Second Orion Visit and  Inventory
                                                   The visit when many of the "post it note" photos were taken.

Dynodon                                        2008- Jan 2010  About a dozen visits to House or Storage Unit
Craig  Westbrook  Dynodon           Jan 2010                   Storage Unit

Orion                                           June or July 2010      Storage Unit
New Owners from QCI                   August 2010           Storage Units

Dynodon who has graciously shared his insight into the Meyers technology and who has done much to improve understanding with his own experiments deserves the thanks of all those who labor in this complex field.

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