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So here is my basic setup, it is not so nice to look at, but this is only to see the concept working.
Here below is the alternator which is connected to a driver ac motor (370watt) 2800rpm

As one can see exiting the alternator are 3 brown wires representing each phase. (Y connection). These wires are then connected to the 6pack rectifier which is shown outside behind the alternator (in pic)

The cell consists of six 9inch tall tubes with 2mm gap (all connected in parallel)
Basic dc tests with cell and straight dc voltages are:
5v   straight dc draws 2.6A
12v straight dc draws 8.74A

yeah, you have a nice setup there! you're going to love it!

are you having problems uploading pictures??


So lets begin with the first simple test : (cell not connected)
Connected a 5volt dc supply on the rotor, this gave me a current of approximately 1amp as you can see above.
So now lets spin the alternator and check with an oscilloscope the phases outputs from the alternator so to see that the alternator is working as it should.
Here below shows 2 phases from 3 on my oscope. (I only showed two because I only have 2 channels on my oscope)

The 3 waveforms are shifted by 120deg as the should. so they seem to be good. The peak voltage is about 15v as you can see. And the frequency of the sinewaves is 416hz.
(alternator is spinning at about 3800rpm).

Now lets see what is the output from the 6pack rectifier
Here it is:

As you can see here this is the output from the 6pack. The amplitude is about 22v peak. Please note that the cell is not yet connected.


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