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     The GEET runs on just gasoline right now. I intend to add 2 line trimmer carbs and burn in a alternative fuel rod for the specific alternative fuel. Hopefully the GEET will run on the target fuel of biodiesel at that time. I did chuck the 22mm copper washers and instead threaded the inner pipe all the way through. I have 4x fuel economy with no loss of power. I have tried 50/50 and more and less mixes of water and gas. There were leftovers that would not burn, this is why I want to add and re burn a new rod for the target fuel.   Akin

Looks great, Akin!

Can you drop a picture of those carbs you are telling about?

Its a very nice feeling seeing a geet working, is it.. :D
I couldnt get it working on a mix of water and diesel.
So, if you can pull that off.... 8)    It might work if you pre heated the diesel, i think..


   I'd be happy to. Soon as I get them off the line trimmer. Progress is slow, so be patient.

Hello All !
    Steve I abandoned the line trimmer carbs. for .8 RC carbs, they work well and are cheap enough for me. I find used motor oil (not syn blend) , alcohol and 50% water works good enough to cut the grass. Please do check in on the yahoo group vortexheatexchanger, one of the dealers has a diesel subaru running with 50% increase. The moderator also has his diesel vehicle running on the geet system of Paul Pantone. Also take note: the inventor has also joined the group.


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