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Voltage Intensifier Circuit

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Fantastic step, Donald!



--- Quote from: Donaldwfc on April 28, 2010, 05:52:50 am ---Tap water, I will try distilled tomorrow.

I've been playing around with different configurations, and nothing else is working like that original set up in the video, i've been getting lots of different high voltage readings, and measuring between different places trying to understand it better.

Without the small chokes, it doesn't produce gas, hook it up backwards, no gas, no set up transformer, no gas, no diode, no gas

The power supply is 12 volt at max 2 amps, but measuring it is more like 9-10 volts, I'm going to play with this some more and see if i can get something on a scope, if i can get a hold of a scope.

The frequency range appears to be small, not the full audio range, I can't find resonance anywhere, I imagine if i can find the resonant frequency then the gas production would increase a lot, also gating like you mentioned... no gating on this circuit either

--- End quote ---
Nice Donald !

Also find out what capacitance your WFC cell is (calculate it for one cell).,1305.msg14449.html#msg14449
Then you can choose (match) a choke for resonance with your WFC cell in a fixed frequency range (step-up transformer)
Then the frequency range of the step-up transformer. Can it step-up voltage for the necessary resonance frequency? Impedance matching?

There are still questions, what kind of input signal is used for the step-up transformer. Is it pulsed or sine wave signal?
Remember: when you have a pulse signal on resonance with only the step-up transformer you have max. voltage? One resonance frequency! All added harmonics form a sine wave signal from the pulse signal. Still I do not understand resonance with the WFC chokes and WFC cell on this frequency in combination with a step-up transformer?

As you may remember, I'm working on a isolated resonance cell, but my progress is slow. Not everyone has a lathe at home...


Here are some more comments:

I attached a wire from the ground of the power supply to the connection in between the secondary and the bottom choke, and this produced gas as well

I added my chokes in series after warps chokes before the cell and it still produced gas, and would light up the light

I removed warps chokes and just used my chokes and it still made gas, and still maxed the meter, lights up

I removed all chokes and just has the step up transformer, and this produced gas but would not light the light, still some high voltage readings

I measured the resistance of warps coils
Primary: ~1.7 ohms
Other Primary, unused: ~1.7 ohms
Secondary: ~59 ohms

Chokes: ~1.7 ohms both wires

I don't know how many turns or wire gage yet.

Thanks for the tips webmug, I'll get some measurements soon, I imagine the resonant frequency is out of the range of this pulsing circuit

Maybe the transformer itself it out of range of that particular setup , resonance cant be much farther than 20 Khz with a big  cell like that .

Usually the core  material is really important , transformer cant be too big also .

Hi donald

You should have at least the coils inductances and at least a guess on what is the capacitance of your cell. Then you will find easier the resonance. However i think you have too much resistance on there to have a reasonable resonance...


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