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Voltage Intensifier Circuit

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I now have warps set up, it arrived in the mail today, I'll be testing it soon, and warp, maybe we can have a chat on msn and i'll see if I can get your high voltage results again.



over 2000 volts across the tubes, maxing out the meter, a little bit of gas production, the light lights up!

dark video... sorry, i'll make a better one soon.

It works!!!

Thats a nice first video Donald

If it quaks like a Meyers and looks like a Meyers its probably a Meyers .

Case solved , Hydro kinda got ignored because it just doesnt produce 20Lpm with amazing rocket flame for 5 watts .

Seeing this makes me all sad and happy @ the same time , wish theyd be jumbo gas yet there it is , 2000 volts between 2 metal gaps with no coating on and regular water . Get that nice frequency that resonates with the water and you will succeed , like Hydro says . I for one believe that multiple frequencies are used , the total signal has sidebands if you will , sidebands are like component wave form , and I believe that the gating itself was more than just gating , yes there was gating for quantity control , but it was really other gating , he was probably gating the gated pulse trains is what I wanna say , gating was not used for just volume control . A couple of quotes from Stan just give me eery feelings about the gating , he callss for it being multiples of the frequency somewhere .

One thing that is similar with Puharich , Stephen , Stan , Rife .

Both Puharich, Stephen , use heavy sideband signals , Stan uses none but a single frequency ? I think not ....

If that thing works with square waves you should try my dc pulser , I believe I have posted it in A thread by Sebosfato of working resonance something , unfortunately i dont have that paint image saved since my hard drive died .

What kinda of water is that anyways

Tap water, I will try distilled tomorrow.

I've been playing around with different configurations, and nothing else is working like that original set up in the video, i've been getting lots of different high voltage readings, and measuring between different places trying to understand it better.

Without the small chokes, it doesn't produce gas, hook it up backwards, no gas, no set up transformer, no gas, no diode, no gas

The power supply is 12 volt at max 2 amps, but measuring it is more like 9-10 volts, I'm going to play with this some more and see if i can get something on a scope, if i can get a hold of a scope.

The frequency range appears to be small, not the full audio range, I can't find resonance anywhere, I imagine if i can find the resonant frequency then the gas production would increase a lot, also gating like you mentioned... no gating on this circuit either


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