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Demonstration Cell - Variable Spacing Plate Cell

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8. SCR gec35m [can not find] 400v 35 amp ...
9. D1 [no compnent value]

It's a Thyristor Module (D1 in SCR).
"Thyristor (SCR) / Diode Modules" I can not find the original type "gec35" data sheet.
Something like this:


Dielectric constants of water in different thermal states

WATER 4-88

WATER (32° F ) 88.0

WATER (68° F ) 80.4

WATER (212° F ) 55.3

WATER (390° F ) 34.5

WATER (80° F ) 80.0

WATER (STEAM ) 1.00785

The D1 diode didn't have a number on it.Just a normal diode rated for 4amps will do.As for the SCR,it's just a 400v 35amp.The GE ones aren't available anymore.35 amp is over kill.The vari-ac is only rated for 5 amps,so thats the limit the whole system can handle.
The choke coil picture I took.And I measured the inductance as well.760 uH was taken with a BK Precision LCR meter.The full bridge rectifier is just a 25 volt 40 amp.

Heres a pic for you

i have built every part of this circuit eactly and to the point i even etch the identicle boards  it doesnt work  the coil was also correct

it didnt work i messed with for 4 months

the problems with just  the circuit board is

1 their is an led that goes in series with the  100k pot which is not on the schematic
2  the 555  7490 and 7404 is all 5 volt not 12v
3 the 7404 has an led on it through to ground
4 the 7404 with led  is 12 volt dropped down and what is called current sunk
5 the 12 volt is seperate fed for the scr  is also reason for so many capcitors on the voltage regulators
6 the schematic is missing 3 key parts that make it work 
7 d1 is a freewheel diode  value doesnt matter  just keeps emf from blowing scr or keeping it latched open
8 18 volts goes into coil  17 volts come out amps is 1.36 to cell

i used all components of equal value to don has given


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