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High Voltage Circuit (VIC)

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Look at how the older faucet valves were constructed with seats and washers.  Usually there's an o-ring on the shaft where there is a groove and in addition graphite packing (looks like black rope) and packing nut that slides over the stem and screws into the valve body.

From what I can tell Stan's is geared and is adjusted from the top but it would probably have a similar construction to prevent gas from escaping.  It's easier to attach a valve construction to a flat surface than it is to a curved surface.

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Stans plate cell used a shaft down through from the top,and had string wrapped around this shaft in two plces top and bottom.Then the ends went through the one fixed plate,and one end tied to the  moveable plate, then the other end went through the moveable plate through a block on the other side and back through the block, and tied onto the moveable plate from the opposite side as the first end.Hope this makes sense.
Also there were several wraps of string around the shaft,and it was tied to it as well.So there was wraps above and below the tied point, wrapped all in one directions.


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