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How To Make Connections to SS plates/Tubes when you feel LOST LOOK HERE


A very fast Tutorial to How I made connections to SS Plates. Id like to throw in,, I made "5" Liters of gas, With only tap water an ONLY 1800 watts! With the Tube cell over 1 year ago, i produced a MAX of 600 cc's per min.

THIS methode CAN be used on Tubes, And SHOULD BE USED.

Use a Smaller in thickness SS plate, Cut ears about half an inch. You can use Brazing rods and a Brazing torch tip to Quickly and Neatly Braze these ears onto Plates or tubes. The brass braze will not really Oxidize! Does not turn in color etc,,, This gave me Quick connections. All plates can be welded and grinded to gain a paper thin gap if needed!

Inside Tubes, outside tubes or plates can be Quickly and Neatly Brazed with Quick like speaker connections.

Another Comment for those thats never brazed. Its Fun! It's just like soldering. If you have the proper torch tip, for brazing, and a rod, Theres Nothing to it. I also brazed some tubing on the buggy, And over a periode of time it never lost its shine or even corroded. If you get the SS to hot, it will let you know, You hardly have to get the metal red to do this, A low temp brazing tip works best on thin plates.

This is easier  than doing tubes the Dave lawton way, and it gives you a Direct and Secure connection to all tubes. I would throw up some photos of my never before seen 5 liter cell if i werent so busy. All my stuff has been put away.


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