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I'm going fishing for a week,  The plan is to take as many fish as we can catch.  I hope we don't extinct any speices.

Brian Coats:
Don't forget to take pictures!

So about how many fish you taking with you to the waters? "j/k"

Hmmm, i tried fishing last weekend, but the water is still to cold here.
Maye in 2 weeks, it will be the right time..

Have fun!


i love going fishing in  the inter coastal by nasa.. we get there about 6am right before sunrise.. we go out in kayaks usually hunt for red fish.. it is so fun catching them, they put up a good fight for there size.. also catch trout.. the red fish is f'ing awesome blackend in a cast iron skillet..

Back from Fishing.  Great trip.  Two of us caught  26 redfish and 46 blue talipia.  The pictures of the larger reds are some that were caught by some guys who camped next to us.  The largest one was 32 lbs. The other picture is some we caught.


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