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Title: What I'm Doing today.
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You can follow me here as I post, IF I decide to post. I will post here what I am reading on today if I feel like posting.

This is only for those that is interested in where I am looking for information at. Today I am looking at this because I feel it is very important. I am curiouse about diodes because I know soon there will be a great demand for one in this type of technology. Perhaps A coil could replace a Diode, I do not know thats why I'm reading about it.,r:14,s:0,i:120&biw=1239&bih=678
Title: Re: What I'm Doing today.
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Good reading here

Here I'm trying to figure out how to dope my own diodes

Here I'm Learning how to get Silocon

This seemed to help me understand Silicon

I took the 30kv 2 amp diode I blown up and put it into the lath. I turned it down to 1/4" and there was nothing there accept a black substance that never seemed to change from the time I started turning till the time I ended. I did notice a series of about 20 copper wires 1.5mm in diameter spaced about 1/8" apart. There were some along the left side and some along the right like a checkerdboard. on one side you could tell that the material surrounded the copper about .7mm all the way around the copper as if it was seated in a slightly darker dope. The other side looked normal. It sorta looked like you was looking at a catapilliar upside down, and on his left legs they all had rings around them. I dont like playing with arsenic so I made it a fast note.