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Aaron Uses Two Power Supplies


When Aaron started experimenting with gotoluc's water sparkplug circuit (WSP) he had a LV power supply charging the cap which is parallel to the arc.  When this cap is connected to his ignition coil, part of the energy fired the coil.  As soon as a spark appeared between the rod electrodes, the rest of the cap's energy discharged through the arc, producing a plasma.  The ignition coil arc sparked to the grid, charging the second capacitor.  So the LV cap, with its power supply, powered the coil, then the coil, acting as a second power supply, charged the second cap.  He then developed the circuit so that the coil's power supply was two 12V. batteries, and used a MOT as the second supply, for the second cap.  At no time has Aaron used a circuit in which a HV transformer charges both caps.


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