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so what do you think tony? you and maybe some engineer buddys might be able to fill in the values of the components in this complete circuit??

im not sure what A1 and A2 are tony but i am pretty sure of the objective of  this specific digital control means..

from what i can see this is what stan had in his distributor and that is how stan syncs  the rate of production to the  acceleration  needs in a car..

the digital circuit   can be a simple manual controlled circuit for experimenting..  it doesnt need a digital circuit that is made to variate production to the means of a system, such as a automobile..

Even if you asked an engineer what something is he probably wouldnt instantly know what it is , most engineers work with pic chips . Its not like , OMG I remember this wiring ... No engineer is gonna research anything for you unless you pay them for it .

Not that hard ? Those can be anything ...

Normally when you make something you ask yourself what should be done , then figure out how to do it with the chips wich sometimes means learning the chips , when you dont understand the chip you read about it . Simple as that .

Triangle in the triangle , square in the square , round in the round .

Things would go faster if you would go by this method .


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