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Open letter to P. Lindemann

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Its been a while since I've seen his video about Stan Meyer, but if I remember
correctly, his explanation basically boiled down to a capacitor discharging across
the tubes. 

That is nothing but standard electrolysis.

He doesn't know jack sh!t.

If he knew as much as he thinks he does about overunity, he would be selling real products or plans to build overunity devices, not some crappy book about how to conserve energy around your house.

He's a smug a-hole IMO.


We all have seen his presentations and lots of his info on forums.
He is a very smart man. No doubt about that.
And he knows a lot too.
But propably not enough...... ;D ;D ;D

Thank you so much Steve for starting this thread over at energetic. The response's were expected. Bla, Bla, Bla, you people don't know shit Bla, Bla, Bla...

A lot of talk but no substance. Its funny how post's get turned around but the question is never answered or proven.

BTW, I know how to turn led into gold.
No more questions. ;D

You know the real goal of the Alchemists was not to turn Lead into Gold, but to turn Gold into a white powder that you eat and increases your brain power usage from about 3% up to... maximum!

Laurence Gardener explains it, very fascinating, on youtube...
There are 9 parts to his lecture.

Just look at his website and cv and notice obvious things which disqualify him. He failed to complete his degree in engineering, got stuck in the alternative medicine scene and his Dr. which he's probably proud of because he mentions it before his name around one million times is from this respectable "college" where you can get your doctor, master, diploma or whatever you want if you only stay there for a few months (and "donate" some money i guess..). it's all fake but he's making a living of it so he has to answer, even if it's obviously very vague answers.

someone bring us a good laugh and ask him to upload his dissertation.


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