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I've seen various references to the term "boiler plate".  My understanding of the term originally was related to document production where various other files were added to one central file for streamlining office work.  I just reviewed all the Meyer videos (bought from and saw him refer to the dune buggy as the "boiler plate" for his patent applications.  So, when someone refers to boiler plate cell as dynodon did is that the demo cell or some other configuration?  It helps in understanding to define terms for me at least.  I have a better understanding now of the difference between the demo cell and resonant cavity cell thanks to dynodon.  Thanks.


In the news reel footage,you can see a large metal chamber with alot of bolts holding the lid on.I believe this cell to be the boiler plate cell.That cell blew the top apart when Stan was getting a crack heliarc welded.It almost took off the welders head,and went straight through the roof,leaving a large hole.

HI Dynodon,

Are you talking of the newsreel footage at the end of the 1983 Einsledeln lecture?  I see a large cylindrical container on the back of the dune buggy with a flanged cover.  Not the resonant cavity cell you described.  Thanks.



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