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Freedman hydrogen generator

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I have found all needed ingredients :) Im from Poland, are you Dutch Steve?
That's very likely that what you're saying is true Geon. In the second patent from 1960 we can read:
"Moreover when the alloy particles or shavings have been permitted to remain in the water for several hours, gas bubbles will emerge from the water and form on the surface. Each of these bubbles explodes upon the application of a match, showing that chemicals in the alloy shavings produce hydrogen and other gases when placed in water. A still more powerful effect is obtained when salt water is used."
The question is for how long may it last? Is it worth any attention in your opinion? Due to work with this rod I probably get lead poison. I had very bad head aches and badly hands shake for a few days, what is unusual for me. I'll have to be more careful next time 😉
Anyway, the melting furnace is already ordered, all materials I'll also order in this week. We will see if it will be able to produce more heat, than consume founds on materials :) and if I'll be able to melt it correctly at all 😜
When I'll have some interesting observations I'll let you know 😉 when I'll get more material I'll try to use deionized water as well.
BTW there was no air in the syringe last Saturday

Thats a lot of sickness...
Handcloves is a must then....
Poland! Nice. Yes, i am dutch, but i live in Germany, close to the border with Poland  :) 
My theory: there is clearly something reacting with something. That proces always consumes something.

Or the rods have voltage potential between all components and creates hydrogen.....

Run tests and then find out, is it.
When you are done, or on a hold, or at a dead end, please contact me. I have then something for you to play with....


If you have lead poisoning it won't go away, lead is bioaccumulation meaning it goes to fatty regions of the body and the biggest one is the brain, you have a few days to get chelators to trap heavy metals, a natural one is vitamic c but there are more potent ones in the pharmacy.

Manganese and copper is a better combination, they already use aluminum powder to mass-produce hydrogen from water. There's also a way to produce hydrogen from water directly from sunlight with TiO2, it's actually a problem with aqueous electrolytes, water breakdowns at 1.1-1.2V so you cant use it for high energy density battery system.

here https://energy.mit.edu/news/using-aluminum-and-water-to-make-clean-hydrogen-fuel-when-and-where-its-needed/


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