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Is anyone else working on this?

i did worked a lot with it but was some time ago..

Im using my TSG circuit as an seems to provide a fine tune of amplitude control but do you remember or can explain how his circuit automatically tunes to resonance? The simulation is hitting 500 megavolts .Puharich used military grade transistors you know of suitable substitues?

You voltage only get that high if you are doing something unusual like having no resistance...
i dont rememer what is this tsg input...

i use today because of money limitation igbts of 1200v 15 amps... 1,2kv 30 amps i was used to use more than doubled the price in last years so i dont get them ... it costs here 10$ each...

the other comes out for like 5$

Aside from everything about his circuit automatically keeping in resonance even as capacitance changes?


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