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24th of August. Please remember Stanley Meyer.He was a great man for us all.

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--- Quote from: keithturtle on February 05, 2014, 04:41:14 am ---I'll offer an anecdote.  A neighbor of mine down the street (working as an engineer for GM at the time) was invited by Stan to help solve some of the pre-ignition issues with H2 in his buggy.  He, along with his wife, went to Grove City and watched it run; his wife had her hand on the HHO generator and noticed that it never even got warm while producing enough gas to make the engine run.

That neighbor has offered the same assistance to me, should I ever get the Meyer system to work. These are folks that knew Stan and had every confidence that he could make it work as he intended, given enough time.

Maybe I'll get off my defeatist attitude and get back to work on this someday, and the sooner the better

Turtle, slow

--- End quote ---

Hi Keith,

That a very nice post of you.
Can you tell us about which setup that neighbour was talking about?

Best regards

Key Keith... you are like a breath of fresh air old friend :) What ever happened to Ironhead and all that crew? Good to see you are still around !!!


--- Quote from: Steve on February 05, 2014, 08:31:35 am ---
Can you tell us about which setup that neighbour was talking about?

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From what she described, it sounded like the tubeset in a cylinder, on a stand by the car.  Maybe like the one in the video of the buggy idling roughly in a driveway whilst Stan and others tinkered with it.



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