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Dankies wire SPEC'S 430FR


Measured wire: 220ML coating.
19.775 ohms per foot.
586.6 feet for 11.6kohms
Fluke meter 87, tested with 2 sets of leads to be sure.
Caliper width measurements:
.148mm listed on wire spool.

Great resistance ... It will be smaller than expected .

47,6 times more resistance then pure copper of same AWG.

This is a quote from the technician @ carpenter


Your wire was final strand annealed, making it squeakie-clean.  It should be ready for enameling.

Good luck.

Here is what carpenter has to say about 430FR , it seems we couldnt have a more perfect wire .

Nobodys ever posted on the solderability of the 430fr stainless wire.

It won't solder.

Have to make a screw terminal for contact.


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