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Tesla Switch as Electrolysis Circuit

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Here is a Circuit I just put together in Honor of Tesla.

As we all know, water breaks down into its basic elements "Hydrogen and Oxygen" when electrons flow thru it (Electrolysis).

In Theory, this circuit does not use current, it only transfers electricity from one set of fully charged batteries to another set of drained batteries.

The circuit functions by Dynamically changing the configuration of 4 sets of identical Deep Cycle Lead Acid Batteries.

When one set of 2 Batteries are connected in Series (24 volts) the other 2 batteries are connected in Parallel (12 volts) Creating a 12 Volt difference between the 2 pairs.

By Placing a Electrolysis cell between the 2 circuits, Electrons will flow from the 24 volt battery pair, to the 12 volt battery pair.

As electrons are flowing the following will occur:

A- 24 volt battery pair is discharging.
B- 12 volt battery pair is Charging.
C- H.H.O. is being created.

So in theory there is virtually no electricity lost. with the exception for the minimal power required to switch on and Off the relay at an optimized rate.

Pretty Cool!!

I was looking into the tesla switch a few weeks ago, have you done any experiments with this?

I was thinking a rotary switch with carbon brushes would work, I'm not sure how fast the relays can switch or would need to switch to make this work at the correct speed (and we don't even know the correct switching speed, but it could be pretty fast)

I did assemble the circuit using the Relays, but didn't really tested it. still need more batteries...

yeah, I'm nore sure either if this will switch fast enouph.

very interesting, looking forward to some testresults


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