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Looking for the right photocatalytic combination to extract electrons

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This is gonna be a new thread to discuss possible photocatalyst for electron extraction. I personally have accepted the water bath fuel cell is an ultrasonic device such as a pond fogged and the charged fog is the prestige dandy charged water Stan speaks on. See my post about 3000ml fogged for more info related to this.

This topic will deal with looking for photocatalyst that will produce an unstable isomer of water using pure water vapor.

Found this air filter that kinda operates in the way we’re looking for. It is a pic of a photocatalytic air filter.
Here’s a link explaining how they operate. We need a version that does reduction oxidation to pair the O2 and H2 pairs together.

This is a link to research concerning water splitting from light while producing an electrical output.

This is the study materials for this class.
Splitting of pure water vapor (fog) using photocatalyst.

Here is inside electrode for submersed fuel cell. It has been flame spray coated with titanium dioxide, copper doped zinc sulfide and it looks to have iron oxide on it now as well.
The outside is free of coating at the moment I need to finish with electron bands and holes. Which I know about but don’t know the math or my electron bonds well enough to zero in on coatings. I’m just trying best known combination. This cell produces tiny bubble for awhile in distilled water for a period of time when completely dry.

So until the cells net charge is saturated and capacitor or cell is charged I need to try neon transformer again maybe with this cell.. Maybe???

I’m going to try coating outside with blue lin chalk through spray gun. Be nice if blue dye didn’t cook up when being applied.

Also I’d like to try a version where the cells are coated and fired in a kiln.

I used straws to space them. My method using weed wackier line would probably damage coat pressing them together.
Not that touching it with my fingers doosen’t since it’s essentially a semiconductor.

I built this before my 7 year vacation.
Solar Powered Water Fuel Cell

A version of Stan Meyer fuel cell. The inner cell has a flame sprayed coating of titanium dioxide and copper doped zinc sulfide. No electrical input and as of yet I have not tried to measure an output. I will post it when I get a measurement. It won’t be much at all given the bubbles being produced.

Ceramic glazed for mixing with photocatalyst to adhere n-type and p-type materials.
Link to publication

Suppliers of glazes for mixing photocatalyst with to have fired on cells.


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