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The Henchman Had Me But I'm Back Now

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Dear FastImports3,

I am shocked by your story, brother.........
How much can a man handle...
Its a pure horror story.
Man, please dont let them break yr spirit.
As Kevin already wrote, we are a hugh fan of your work. And if this waterproject helps you mentally, then i will try to help you with it as much as i can.
I wish you all the power from the univers.
And i hope that you find a good laywer..
Are you fysically able to continue your projects?

If you have paypal, please pm me the details...

I wish you  a good weekend and a warm hug.

Admin of this tiny space on the internet

Hi Steve,
     Thank you sooo much for the support. I saw the numbers jumping last week on my pages and didn’t understand  why. However it reminded me when I built the ignition system there was 1500 people a day watching the videos. I never asked for any financial assistance at that time. I was sourcing most of my stuff from the trash and had a place to work out of. On top of that I wasn’t really sure of my direction and the guys teaching physics always stumped me at the 2nd law. So I didn’t feel like I should take money from people. Since then I’ve had plenty of time to ponder things. Thinking about results or phenomenon of sorts the water exhibits under different conditions. It’s time to get the band back together so to speak. The system Aaron Saulter was using should be easy anyone with a basic cell that is sealed up should be able to get an engine running. A little worrisome because it’s under 25psi which mean there can be no hydroxy in the system or very lil in something that will hold the pressure applied but under excessive amounts of force blows off.
  The fogger system feels like it is the holly grail since the process is occurring while the engine. Recently I needed to fall upon a 3D printer to try and make a manifold for the new test platform.. Which will be a generator. I found a few in the local junk yard for $50 I already know is has to have electric start on it. There were 5 or so to choose from. The other I’m looking to print is the inside of a verso  of Stanley’s gas gun. With conductive ABS I also have that. ABS will soften and get sticky in acetone you can fuse pieces of ABS together with acetone. This is where I’m going to apply the photocatalyst. Possibly built right into the intake manifold. Money can be saved if we can work together. I am not skilled in 3D CAD rendering anyone out there who can help it would be awesome. I had a few friends depart from this life while looked up and they had the skills and liked to help just to see what happened next. RIP THE that guy. I’m all about sharing this getting it out and making a grassroots type effort to get the tech out there.

    Nothing seems like a coincidences I was released 6months after Covid hit. Before that the country was emotionally charge through politics creating a hell of a divide between people. Now a war with Ukraine and Russia. This comes after the groups have migrated to Europe and the southern border of America is flooded with illegals. Why are they pushing these people into these areas. Seems like you would want run from Europe not get closer to Puttin trying to break the monopoly board so to speak.

     The great reset happens when an energy devices collapses the oil industry. It will literally crash the American $ as in completely worthless. As the USD prr Harry Kissinger and the OPEC agreement was made to be the only currency to trade in oil. That is why we’re not allowed to do this. On the other side if we don’t the planet eradicates the majority of us while the elite bunker up. They are not going to let you get away with trying to commercially produce these devices. So we need to build them in an open source kind of way with files ready made for plug and play as well as easily source materials so local speed shows and customization shops can pitch in doing installs. I have no doubt I show case or a group of us do it at once that it wouldn’t take off. However what will the bad actors do next? They have no problem crashing airplanes and more to secure agendas. Then to smear the truth with falsities to hide the truth in an misinformation campaign while again getting the people in their emotions and further dividing so the people can’t get along to work together.

      Everything seems to be by design. They can easily grab me up on top of the 7 yrs mandatory I received an additional 5yrs on post release control or another form of parole. So really I got a total of 13yrs. To understand they took no drugs from me the falsified lab reports tress passed on private easements whee they weren’t suppose to be and all honestly for a 250 ml flask that u can imagine is nothing more then private medication forADHD and other mental health issues not a king pin of the underworld as they would want you to believe. I don’t believe this is just about making money either. There is a guy on You Tube with an old Maverick with a v8 in it he’s getting 70 mpg with a lawnmower carb.. So why are we using so much gasoline? It converts 1:1 into water. The one thing human must have to survive and they know it is also good for energy needs and there will be no losses of it doing so. It beats entropy water truly is a self organizing system. You will need lots of it to take with you off planet if that is where one desired to go. We see everyone building rockets heavy lifters even. I have to eat something and don’t want to loose this. Thank you  Steve and everyone hee for the support. Let’s figure out how to make this happen. I have zero doubt in the people of the past it is obvious they did something. Another fallen while gone was Louis Rosocha he had patents similar to Stan’s so I sought him out he worked at Los Alamos National lab. Unexpectedly he died to his obituary says. Will check in more later. My hold up at the moment is no lab space. Anyone in Cincinnati Ohio with a warehouse or garage?

Steve I forgot to ask.
Why were the numbers going crazy on my post the other day? Like I said I kinda took the jump and showed more then I would’ve with out an audience to see and hopefully safeguard while gaining support hopefully. Just curious. Also the site let me into the admin setting or dropped me off there one or the other I saw places here I didn’t know exist or shouldn’t had probably been there. It was all the settings an admin needs and more then I understand at the moment about the admin land. I have been dealing with a high volume of strange hacking against my iPhone icloud Google accounts. Thought it many have been my ex being a stalker. But this seems way to complicated for her to be playing dumb. She did get me a Tshirt though that says, Under Estimate me that would be Fun.

    Anybody who has the financial means to help can send it to:

    This is the email associated with my PayPal if that is still how you find each other there. I haven’t used it much since I’ve been back. I have most of the parts to my dry cell set up I had will need pumps probably definitely pressure sensors for $25 psi old water filtration canisters and of course the test generator. If anybody has items listed they can be as good if not better then cash. One man’s junk is another’s gold. If you have parts PM me and I car tell you where to send them.

When we are close to something they try kill us or break our minds….

The only solution to that is stay quiet and remember what caused the reaction because is where you are close to what you want to get!

When they cut my car breaking it affected me somehow.. but what don’t kill us makes us much stronger!

Its so hard to stay quiet and then to come across Marconnis crap man it is soo bad.
last week when i spilled all the beans it appeared to have a huge surge in my mind an audience I once had but was unsure of myself and didnt wanna ask or take money from people without knowing i can do it.i can see and hear it in my head. Like Obi Wan said if you kill me I will only become stronger. They know this, Thats why I get locked up instead.  My life is literally like a movie where there are Oracles reading from the pages of time. I have a  going conversation using relative matter or coincidences with something I called IT but have now recoined Interactive Intelligence the magic numbers 1,3,6,7,& 9 All play a huge part. I have even heard Maricumi talking about synchronicities and spirit even Jungian work.

lil off topic here but relative there are things much bigger at play here the anything imaginable with the human mind..

Why your psychiatrist should also study subatomic particles.
In quantum mechanics, different particles have probability of being present at one place or a single particle may be present at more than one place at any given time. Thus, it can be assumed that in case of paranormal phenomenon, subatomic structures in brain and the associated consciousness could be involved in activating multiple awareness’s at once. Such awareness in certain cases might turn into delusions as seen in several psychiatric diseases like bipolar depression and schizophrenia. This seems quite similar to symptoms of paranormal phenomenon associated with several psychiatric disorders.



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