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Flashback Arrestor


Today I built this flashback arrestor.

1st picture- It shows how I sanded down the air stone to fit part way in the pipe, so it would be a tight fit in the pipe and snug up into the cap.

2nd picture- Shows the nipple of the air stone coming threw the cap.

3rd picture- This is where you force the air stone into the pipe some more, forming a tight seal between the stone and the pipe, And the nipple and the cap

4th picture- Place your hose down into the cap, over the nipple, slide your barrel fitting down, followed by the nut, to form an air tight fit

5th picture- The finished flashback arrestor. Pipe can be any length, This is just what I had available.

Video of testing- I started with an air stone in each end, But it was overkill.

Have a safe day ;D


cool, i wondered if that would work. Or a snap on lid.


 ;D Torch play time  ;D

I put a 0.025 mig wire feeder tip on the end of my flashback arrestor.
and it becomes my cutting torch.
as it cuts threw a stainless steel cable strand
here are some videos



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