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As for the resistance and inductance values for each coil, this is what I came up with:

primary:      10.98H 25ohms
secondary:   28.5H 192ohms
chokes:        aprox 28H 172ohms (each)

for me these look quite high values when compared to Stans. Maybe because of the flatter core he used resulting in less inductance and resistance.

Hydrogen mask,

I think your values are very big, try using a gap on the core... next time try winding all coils in the same bobbin, one over the other... this maximize the coupling (less turns needed)... be careful, this high voltage is very dangerous... in your design you will see a lot of sparks if all goes well.

On one of your pictures i saw you use a 3C90 core, that has a very high permabillity and thus you get your high inductance values.

Initial permeability ui @25 °C; @10 kHz; @0.1 mT
2000 ±20%

Yesterday I tested this setup and found notting significantly different from the previous setup1. The only difference was that the system resonated at a lower frequency about 6khz. Still no phaseshift and still no Pdifference at terminals.
This makes me think that the core material/permeability plays an important role in the system.
So now I will try to find the proper core and and check that the resistance and inductance values are close to what stan had. (aprox 1.26H for chokes and secondary)


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