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--- Quote from: andy on December 15, 2011, 14:51:42 pm ---Do you tried reverse terminals of the L2 choke?

--- End quote ---

Just reversed the terminals of L2 and retested.
Both waves still perfectly in phase. Resonance peaked at @ 19.2khz now. Still water capactitor value is not responsable for the circuit resonance.

Tony succesed in geting 180 degree phase shift of waveforms. You can ask him.
Thank for ansver.

Reconnected VIC as in the first post(ie L2 not inverted). Started unwinding the L2 choke and retested for every 20 turns less intervals. There was no significant difference in the waveforms produced at each terminal and across the cell itself. With choke ratios of L1-1.05946309(12th root of 2) : L2-1 (ie 4000 : 3775 in this case) still waveform phaseshift is not acheived.The peak voltage waveform I was able to produce is attached below with gated pulse input.
The next step now is to construct another VIC having specs closer   to Stans.


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