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I just finished uploading a new unseen before video of Stan and his brother Steve testing the VIC system and testing the engine.This is only 30 minutes of the whole video.I will be uploading the rest when I'm sure this one worked first.It may take a little while before the video is ready,but here's the link to it.

There will be 3 parts in all

Here it is everyone,I have 2 more parts to upload.Another 30 minutes and a 4 minute.

Part 2 is now up,check it out

Part 3

Thanks for the videos, am recombining them into 1 video for my own perusal.

initial thoughts: Stan was doing several things; firstly converting a carburetted engine to use gas from a cell, converting points based ignition to electronic, and later it appeared to be making the basics of an ecu to retrofit a carburettored engine to injectors.

Im interested in the injectors, i can see that his initial design was designed for that motor that did not have injection already;and was creating the timing for the injectors. So nowdays engines I see already have whats needed - the throttle position sensors and air flow meters, injectors, electronic timing and ecu monitored engine rpm - for primary measurements to control injector timing and spark timing - so a question is - is there a simple way of retrofitting an existing injected vehicle without reinventing the wheel?

Thank you Don!


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