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Bob Beck magnetic pulser


I build the magnetic pulser from two very usable websites:

Chris Gupta

I used all the components out of my part box except for the coil that I ordered in Germany.

Here the schematic with my own modifications (in red) with no reasons, I wanted to get close to the schematic of Chris and see if it works. I also looked at this online coil generator to see if I get close to the results of the original schematic which is also a replication of Bob Beck, not the patent I think.



I have build in a heatsink with a small cooling fan which is fed by the black 220v to 12v transformer at the front. I don't know if this was necessary but I just want to protect the thyristor for overheating.

The capacitors charges around 322volt in 6 seconds. So I wait between the pulses.


I pulsed my two legs to kill a nasty ringworm infection, lets see what is going to happen. I have to read  more over the use of this device. On this moment I use also the blood electrofier and colloidal silver water.

so we have an ac power source, light bulbs for resistors, a diode to rectify, capacitors to charge, a thyristor and push switch to discharge the capacitors into the coil

simple enough

i would guess that values don't have to be terribly specific, different values would just give different strength magnetic fields

we want a small resistance in the coil to make a large current em pulse

Yea it is all very simple. I think I have not the good capacitors, they recommend fast charging ones. When I hold down the orange fire button, the pulses starting to repeat automatically, but the capacitors do not have enough time to charge so the pulses are weak. I get only a strong pulse by waiting for 6 seconds and then fire again. I have some capacitors left over from some flash camera's. I make a second capacitor bank and see how it works.

I put in the new capacitor bank. The voltage climbed a slightly to 330v but the charging does not go any faster. Let do some reading.


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