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Separated gas output cell Hydrogen/Oxygen

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I'm at the start to build a separation cell and want to share the progress with you all. I collect all the materials and plans and did a first test with only 2 plates and 1 membrane, just to see if it works. The test worked out very well and I'm in a good mood to make this design NegNNNNNPosNNNNNNeg

I got the inspiration from 2 sources on Youtube: and

It is my goal to make a working cell, put it into my car and get some nice results. If it all turns out well I make a website in the Dutch and English language. No money making, free plans, all open source.

Here a first look at the membrane that I used for the test. The material is uncoated Ripstop nylon.

I do not use square plates because they are cut out used dining plates, see also my previous HHO project.

To be continued.


Hey Donaldwfc, I don't understand what you trying to say with this vid as a respond on my new starting project. I am busy with collecting hydrogen (without oxygen) out of this cell to test it in my car. The main point  is to cut out the hard to adjust EFI.

Good project, Knovos!
This kind of cell will be a great booster!

Looking forward on your progress.  :)


Zero fossil fuels has done some tests for the addition of HHO to gasoline for running internal combustion engines, i think understanding his research, the results of which he points out in this video, will help you save time and money while you are working on your project.

if you are trying to run hydrogen into your car engine to make an improvement on gas milage, you can do this, but it requires a lot of hydrogen, in the range of 15, 20, 30 liters per minute, to see an improvement, and anything less than that is useless.

these are not my conclusions, but his, as explained in his videos.

there is also a research paper from some university in Australia that did similar tests and got similar results, you can find that information from some of smack's videos on youtube


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