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My new Garage(Lab) Let the party begin !

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Hi all, it has been a long time since I posted last.
But now after a long time recently married and had a child also. I`v been doing some  intensive research, I`m back on the rails. 8)
I`v sold my old car and saved some money to this project. Convinced my father to buy a milling and a lathe. Soon I`ll have all the equipment needed to start experimenting Meyer principles.
I`v also have my own garage (LAB) lol i`m calling it. (a workbench with 2 PCs). :-X
I`ll update some pics soon.


Hi HM,

Sounds great! I think most of us have the same kind of LAB's..... ;)


These are the 2 most expensive tools I will be using for this project. I also costum fitted a counter to the lathe, this way I will know exactly how many turns I will be making for chokes etc.

I have that same up/down counter.

Nice tools, HM!


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