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This thread is created for the Resonance WFC setup

First read the attached patent:

Thoughts and experimentation, how to make a real Resonance WFC (resonance cavity)


Here is one of my thoughts from a few weeks ago, since this design I have come up with several changes to improve it.


I'll be building something like this eventually...

Nice to read you are thinking about a real Meyer cell design too!

I haven't figure it out how to make a good base for this cell where/how the plate connections are put. Water entry below the cell...

I have ordered Delrin for the cavity and inner rod. This cell will be small in size, what Stan was talking about as a typical size. Frequency is altered when bigger sized.

If we want to replicate the resonance cell we must isolate the outer plate, when not, the cell will leak voltage to the surrounding water (dielectric).

I still don't know what Stan means in the patent, about the resonance frequency. He is talking about two. 1. pulse (resonance) 2. gate (resonance)
1. pulse frequency for Lcr resonance.
2. gate frequency is used to separate the water molecules.
I think this is when resonance is occurring between the plates described as voltage waveguide...

Well, I first want to make the correct cell, then match the VIC to the cell. I think this is the right approach, just what Dynodon already said in other threads on this forum.

Still have not seen this type of cell replicated by other researchers, only that they condition the tubes...
When two tubes are used there is always voltage leakage at the outer and inner tube top and bottom. Then this is a shorted capacitor, how do you charge a shorted capacitor???


That picture I posted, those two parts would be made out of delrin with a 3" OD, there is a 1" hole for the outer tube 3" long, with this you can choose any gap you want by the thickness of the outer tube and then you can see the half inch holes for the longer 1/2" inner tube. So it will be a completely incased and insulated cell. I've made mental adjustments to my design to make it simpler, and to set it up for a water pump to force water through the bottom. Also a 3" OD acrylic tube will mount on the top of what is shown, for gas viewing, and then a simple delrin cap on top of that. For the electrical connections I'll just do it like Dynodon mentioned, a bolt that goes in and touches the side of each tube.

Have you seen Dynodon's Cell? It's a nice cell and a good example. When do you plan on having this cell running?

your question on not knowing what resonance he is talking about...
What if he was talking about harmonic resonance??? your already causing the tubes to vibrate... maybe that is what the "grooves" were cut in the pipes for...
On the other note the grooves could simply be there for one of his many "add in's" to confuse anyone trying to replicate his work.


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