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Maybe of Interest _ Citric Acid


Citric Acid may be a good additive:
It appears to be a water softener and contains a mixture of Oxygen Hydrogen Bonds.
Cleans rust off of iron!
I believe I tried it one time in a very small cell, it make a huge amount of bubbles (like soap) but the bubbles did not break down to fast and made a large head of bubbles on top and out the tube. (This was a small cell with-out much headroom).
Anyways I thought bringing this up may stir some interest and get some feedback.
A easy way to get this is from citric fruits.
I have a bag of citric crystals, came with another solution I purchased for health reasons.
It should be easily obtainable as it used in many industries and has a lot of uses. 

I'm thinking the carbon part builds up on one of the tubes.
Anyone, is this a feasable additive or not?
Carbon 6
Hydrogen 8
Oxygen 7


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