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My new tube_set almost completed and ready to test drive. Yeh! Its about time.
I started this set near 2 years ago and never made a housing for it just used to test in a bucket for the longest time.
Finally decided to build it because I got happy with an alternator as a power source and it looks like it may provide just enough gas to work or have fun with.
Still want to build one more addition inside the housing right above the tubes I think a set of underwater ionizers and a EEC, just now checking the parts I'll need, to make this happen.
The tube nozzles were sort of tough and I had made some variations in the tops. Besides that I didn't have a good jig to hold the angle I needed.
Made a special insert inside the nozzle, just to see what this will do. Hoping it may strengthen the gas by alignment of the electrons by using a neodymium magnet?
The acrylic liners over the tubes had to be press on, tight fit.
21 tubes in 7 sets of 3 starting with 1" - 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" near 1 foot long.
Trued the pipes on a lathe the best I could, its way better than when it came.
Although it has 2 different sized gaps, I think it will do a great job.
Didn't really have much choice in the stainless department and got what I could at the time.   

Here's a close up of the tube nozzles or tops.
Also I have put 2 o-rings on that magnet that set into the center tube perfectly.

Great work , I'm jealous .

I still dont have one piece off ss besides these ss light switch fixtures plate things ...

Hi Komtek,

Looks great.
Small tip: use bigger gauge wire. I think these current ones will get hot very soon...


Thats one nice Cell. Great Job!


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