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Observations and Questions regarding the Meyer's WFC video


Hi Everyone,

I'm relatively new to the Stan Meyer's tech, but I've seen most of his videos, and read most of his papers. 

Now  I have a few questions regarding the Meyer's video and demo cell:   
1.  At  2:14 into the video, I can see the bottom of the WFC ...   And only one bent metal plate connecting to the outer tube, but nothing apparently connecting to the inner tube, is this right? 

2.  The bent/formed plate connected to the outer tube, and notches in the outer tube, seem like they could be 'acoustic' or waveguide related.

3. The inner tubes seem to be a different type of alloy, the color is more brown than the outer tubes. at 2:48 into video.

After hearing the other Meyer's lecture video, I remember him mentioning           "tune into the dielectric properties of water"             .. What do you think he means by this?

After some thought, it made me think about dielectric resonance, and DRAs http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dielectric_Resonator_Antenna

From your experience, what do you guys think?


Do you know more of that theory?


I have no idea how a dielectric resonant antenna can break up h2o, or if that is what was actually occurring.

But there are  lots of similarities  between the two ideas,  Steve Meyer mentioned waveguide theory is the key, and you can clearly see one wire per  cathode/anode pair.

Another observation   the wires coming from the alternator toward the WFC are twisted, like a twisted pair,  this again is a  RF and antenna type feature.

I've also been watching Dr. Stiffler's videos, which are basically one wire transmissions of RF which is  rectified to DC current, I believe (and maybe something more)

Information on waveguide theory: http://www.tpub.com/content/neets/14183/css/14183_14.htm


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