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Stanley A Meyer April 2021
« on: March 24, 2021, 00:10:07 am »
April 2021 focus will be on Videos, Pictures and Documents
Research teams: submissions due  April 15
build request  another image of 7Tmaggasepg
flash request librarian 12  needs titles for slides in the Washington presentation ( total about74)
Ref WFC Bulletin No 3 P.1 cross matched with video clips/slides in collection

Reply librarian12 The slide light box image is low resolution but I matched up 32 of the 74. He followed the presentations
he was giving at the time of the Pentagon briefing so a lot are in the same order as the Deercreek and other seminars
Some might be from the manual Stan referred to in irondmax Dealership tape version 2, QCI probably has/had them

They were usually in the black suitcase that he took to the presentations I think I saw in in the Dynodon estate videos
A for librarian 12   yes that's the notebook with the slides in the kitchen
Wow anon834  nice, can I post it here?

Attachments added as they come in as they come in:      (c)2021

As per agreements from donors,no reposting on other sites permitted other than ionzationx
Doing so jeopardizes future contributions from private collectors
A for sandia24  nice build !!
A for wolverine group,   1. over 60Kw,   2.cop over 10, 3.rapid charge batteries,,   4 Freon 134A cooling with aerogel insulation,
                                        5 Lenz  mitigation with nulling frequency on skin effect currents, similar to sandia24 circuit

A for epgbuilder7    use the Amphicol series 97 connectors as per the  Deerfield conference photos.  Buy 12 of the socket F and 12 of the pin M types
                                 Stan  did not show the circuit box hook up in seminar notes
Q for anon691         
A for librarian12      Yes I saw it  posted after posted here, Thailand ip as before

Attachments added as they come in as they come in:      (c)2021
Scroll through photo images by placing cursor on  right arrow on photo and clicking...

Title                                                                 Source
1 Title image from early original                    Stan Meyer video   (the video content is already out on the net) (Deercreek Demonstration of           Buggy)
2  Magnetic Spin EPG  Photo Exhibit ZB      sandia24   edited
3 Buggy injector diagram                                anon8                         
4 buggy with epg                                             video snapshot       This the prototype,    the finished version was run successfully at the WCH airport then NSO'd
5 epg linear drive circuit                                 wolverine arkive
6 double exposure slide                                   meyer image library
7 Back of ck't board                                        May 8 2008 WFC Photo File
8 Front of ck't board                                        May 14 2008 WFC Photo File
9 Spherical Demo Cell                                    sandia24
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