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Stan Meyer WFC Bulletins A Searchable pdf database
« on: August 09, 2012, 09:31:21 am »
The Water Fuel Cell bulletins were an important part of Stanley Meyers promotional effort to inform the
world of his progress in bringing his technology to the world. They were issued over a period of time and
chronicle the water fuel cell technology before his untimely death in 1998. The images have been culled from various sources including the h2earth and woodside postings among others. Support should be given to all the online sites and organizations who attempt to preserve and extend Stanley A Meyers inventions.

The attached master file will take some time to download. Once saved to the experimenter or researcher's computer it may provide assistance in researching key concepts. The file is large and downloadtime will vary
base on the speed of one's internet connection. The WFC bulletins have been saved in a searchable pdf file which can be searched by term, word, phrase or individual bulletin. I used Adobe Professional 7 to create it. It is said that other Adobe pdf readers may be used to read it.
NoteIt will take me a litltle time to get the files compiled but watch for the attachment to this post and let me know of problems and download times. Because I am not sure about upload parameters or timeout issues at ionizationx, I am not sure if this attempt will be successful.

We miss you Stan

It took about five minutes to paste the pdf files I have in my system to the  Adobe professional pdf program
It took 20 minutes for Adobe to merge the files
It took about 7 minutes to upload to ionizationx
then it downloaded the file from ionization x and saved it to my data computer as an adobe portfolio
There are some issues with WFC bulletin 1 file  being corrupt but you can search the others . The files need a little massaging because I don't think the pages that are rotated 90 degrees are searchable but it is a good start
check out the attachments called bulletin capture to see how it is useful for searching the WFC bulletins

Future projects Patents, the 3 major publications IITR,BONT and SDM but will need some feed back as to how the WFC bulletin project works for the experimenter and researchers in terms of bugs or suggestions

enjoy and best regards

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