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Stan Meyer Workshop Video 1997 Found
« on: January 28, 2012, 21:42:40 pm »
Here's some still photo clips from the 1997 Workshop video.

See attached images of frame captures.

Originally, it was taken in the VHS format and converted to DVD. Runtime for the DVD is 59:29

The location is the conference room of the Denver Mariott where Stan Meyer offered a separate afternoon workshop session at the International Symposium on New Energy held May 23-26 1997 in Denver, Colorado

The camera is fairly distant from Stanley Meyer and the screen for the slide projector. The video and audio quality I rate as fair to good.

Few of the  projected slides are clear but some are familiar if you have seen other presentations.

He discusses some early dealings with patent lawyers when he was 21, creativity, technology supression and the water fuel cell technology.

I think Dean Stonier is sitting on the left front row ;)

Available at Ken Adachi's
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